Role of an MEP in the SW

As a Green politician, Molly will use her position to do all she can to improve the quality of life and bring real prosperity in the South West. Molly says: “We have fantastic resources in our skilful people, our beautiful natural environments, our rich soils, and our fabulous potential for renewable energy. I hope to be part of a move to use these fairly and wisely in the service of all the South West’s people.”

As a green economist, Molly will use her expertise to challenge the exploitative and profit-driven economic system that has let down the South West and undermined its communities. Molly says: “I think many in our region believe, as I do, that an alternative vision based on mutual respect and greater local resilience is not only desirable but achievable. I will work towards achieving that vision.”

As a long-time South West resident, Molly is deeply committed to supporting the interests of the region and working hard for the communities of the South West. Molly says: “As someone who has spent most of my life in the region I want to encourage a better connection between the people of the South West and the European Union while working hard to reform it from within, so it puts people before profit”.