These reports are prepared and published to support, or are a result of, the work of Molly in the European Parliament. They may relate to particular themes or issues or be responses to consultations.

Facing down Facebook: Reclaiming Democracy in the Age of (Anti) Social Media

This report examines the role Facebook has played in abuses of personal data for political purposes and the spread of disinformation and makes policy recommendations to ensure that such abuses are curtailed in future.

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Rich Earth

A report exploring the benefits to our climate, human and natural health of agro-ecology, permaculture and organic farming practices by former Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett.

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Never Waste a Good Crisis: Using Brexit to reform the UK’s finance sector

This report considers the implications of Brexit on the finance sector and how it presents an opportunity to refashion the sector so it serves everyone, not just the few.

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Energy Isolationism: How the UK is sailing into the wind on energy policy

This report looks at why the UK is increasingly isolated in its approach to energy, with a government continuing to subsidise fossil fuels, nuclear power and actively promoting the fracking industry. It proposes some key steps that the UK needs to

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Britain’s broken housing market: lessons we could learn from other EU Countries

This report, commissioned by Molly and written by Tom Chance, identifies what lies behind the UK's housing crisis and looks at some of the solutions used to address housing problems in other EU countries.

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