Molly is a well established writer and has had several books published. She writes articles for a variety of outlets based around her areas of expertise and interest and her work in the European Parliament. The most recent articles can be found below, with further articles in the archive sections.

The financial sector must play its part in addressing our climate emergency

An article written by Molly and her Green colleague Bas Eickhout MEP from the Netherlands making the case for a far stronger EU green investment framework.

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Honda: Brexit casualty, green job opportunity

Molly reflects on the decision by Honda, one of the region's most important employers, to close their Swindon factory with the loss of 3,500 jobs.

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UK CO2 emissions

Molly writes for Marlborough News on the latest CO2 emission figures for the UK, which show a steep decline since 1990.

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Westminster has officially veered into the realms of fantasy

Molly writes for Left Foot Forward reflecting on the votes in parliament on amendments to the Withdrawal Agreement.

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Norway No Way

Writing for Marlborough News, Molly explains why the proposed Brexit compromise of the Norway model fails to to meet the promises made in June 2016.

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