Greens pledge to act on climate emergency to ensure Thunberg generation ‘live healthy and prosperous lives’

Molly has said that climate change will be at the core of all Green policy in the next European Parliament.

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Government turning its back on Cornwall, says Green MEP

Molly has accused the government of turning its back on the region as European funding comes to an end with no sign of any replacement.

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Green MEP says ditch nuclear jobs in favour of green jobs as costs and dangers of storing defunct nuclear submarines soar

Molly has said it is time for Devonport to transfer nuclear submarine and weapons jobs into jobs supporting the green economy.

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Brexit pushing a race to the bottom on taxing the wealthy, new report finds

A new report from Greens concludes countries are creating special tax regimes to attract wealthy financiers and property tycoons away from Britain post-Brexit.

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Majority vote against the free internet

Molly says she is hugely disappointed that a majority of MEPs backed new copyright laws ‘against the free internet’ [1]. Greens opposed the new laws and supported over 5 million people who signed a petition against them. In particular, Greens and

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