This is now an archive

Since Molly Scott Cato was forced from office by Brexit, having been elected in 2019 to serve a second five year term, this website is now an archive and will no longer be updated. Please feel free to browse the content, which outlines Molly’s

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Pro-Europeans have a right to help shape future relationship with Europe, say UK’s Greens

Green MEPs today voted against the Withdrawal Agreement when it came before the European parliament and issued a joint statment.

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Molly refers FlyBe rescue package to EU competition commissioner over potential breach of state aid rules

Molly points to the implications of the rescue package on efforts to tackle climate change as well as potential breaching EU state aid rules.

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Greens welcome EU Parliament vote for Green Deal

Molly welcomes a deal that sets the EU on a course towards restructuring the economy with a focus on climate protection, enhancing biodiversity and greening investments.

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Green MEP condemns plan to reduce Air Passenger Duty to save FlyBe

Molly says that in light of the accelerating climate emergency it is absurd to suggest that we should provide a further boost to the aviation industry.

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