Latin America

Latin America

Molly has had a special interest in Latin America since studying the politics of the region while a student. In 2013 she visited Argentina and Brazil to deepen her knowledge of the region. Molly has now joined the EU delegations to Mercosur (the southern countries of Latin America) and Brazil. She is working with the Green Group’s Verdelatino team to build closer relationships between the UK and this dynamic and vibrant part of the world. Molly says:

“I am particularly inspired by the way democracy in Latin America is revitalising itself. Governments are closer to the people who elected them than they are European countries and we have much to learn from this. I am also impressed by the flourishing ‘solidarity economy’, an economy based on achieving the common good rather than working for an elite. In some Latin American countries the idea of ‘buen vivir’ is being used to question the way the economy works and whether we could be happier with a lower material standard of living but with stronger communities and less environmental impact.”


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