Green opposition to fracking

The South West is leading England in both installing renewable generation capacity and in innovation in this exciting and forward-looking economic sector. To continue this leadership and create the jobs and economic opportunities our region needs, entrepreneurs need clear signals from government that they are supportive of renewable energy at the UK and European level.

Community renewables

The South West has some leading companies in this sector – including Ecotricity and Good Energy – but also some examples of communities who have set up their own generating capacity and are now benefiting from producing electricity themselves. This form of Power to the People offers great opportunities for people to escape from the exploitation of energy companies while also creating greater value for their local communities.

Renewables not nuclear

The decision by the EU Commission to give permission for new-build nuclear at Hinkley Point, and supporting the government in forcing UK citizens to pay twice the market price for their electricity for 35 years is totally scandalous. None of the arguments for nuclear stack up. It is far more expensive than renewables and creates fewer jobs. It also does nothing to fill the energy gap: Hinkley is not predicted to produce any electricity before 2023; renewable generation could be installed much more quickly.

Not fracking

Five of the six counties including the South West region have the potential to produce gas through the controversial process known as fracking. Greens are opposed to this process because it threatens local environments and because it will divert us from the course we need to be taking towards a low-carbon future.


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