MSC_plenaryEPThe Parliament has 20 Parliamentary committees, and each Green/EFA Group member is appointed to one or more of these committees. For each committee, the Green/EFA Group has appointed its own Member coordinator who follows the issues dealt with in their respective committees. Committee members are assisted by the Greens/EFA advisors and staff.


Molly is a member of three committees:

Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON). As a former Professor of Economics at Roehampton University in London, Molly brings a wealth or experience and expertise on economic issues to this important committee.  The Committee is responsible for Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), the regulation of financial services, the free movement of capital and payments, taxation and competition policies, and the international financial system.

Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (AGRI). Representing a largely rural region and having a personal and longstanding interest in land ownership and food production – which she has written on extensively – this is an obvious committee for Molly. This committee is responsible for scrutinising the European Commission’s work related to agricultural policy. This includes policy areas such as the common agricultural policy (CAP), animal health and welfare, plant health, agricultural products quality, forestry and agroforestry.

Special Committee on Tax (TAXE). This was formed in the wake of the Lux Leaks tax scandal, and tasked with making recommendations on improving transparency and cooperation between Member States on tax affairs. Molly and the Green/EFA group are helping to ensure significant progress is made to strengthen corporate tax transparency. For example, MEPs have backed a Green proposal on country-by-country reporting obligations for corporations.