Molly is publishing videos of her speeches and events on her YouTube channel. You can view more videos of Molly uploaded by other users on the Molly Across YouTube playlist, and the Green Party has its own YouTube channel too.

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Greening Finance is an important step to fight climate breakdown - Molly Scott Cato MEP

Over last year, Molly has been working hard as representative of the Greens/EFA Group to ensure that the EU adopts the world’s first mandatory disclosure regime for a major financial market. This means people now have the right to know whether their pension fund is investing in a windfarm or cutting down a rainforest to plan a palm-oil plantation. It is only natural that this should be the case - when horsemeat was found in our lasagne, it was a scandal, but so far, we did not even know what was "in" our financial products. This is another important step towards building a more sustainable economy that will allow us to use our finance system to facilitate this transition. Find out more about Molly's work on Economic policy and Sustainable Finance at

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