Green Group in the EP

The Green Group in the European Parliament

The Members of the European Parliament sit in political groups – they are not organised by nationality, but by political affiliation. There are currently seven political groups in the European Parliament.

25 members are needed to form a political group, and at least one-quarter of the Member States must be represented within the group. Members may not belong to more than one political group. Some members do not belong to any political group and are known as non-attached Members.

divest_GreenGroup (2)Molly belongs to the Green/European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament. This parliamentary group is made up of Greens from across Europe and representatives of stateless nations and disadvantaged minorities. Following the European elections in 2019, the group expanded from 50 MEPs to 75 Members (39 women and 36 men) from 16 countries. It is the fourth largest group in the European Parliament and the only one with a gender-balanced Co-Presidency.

The UK also more than doubles its number of  Green MEPs from three, representing three regions, to seven, representing seven regions. Molly is head of the UK delegation and the only UK Green MEP elected for a second term. Longstanding Green MEPs Jean Lambert and Keith Taylor both stood down at the end of the previous term.

Committees and Coordinators

The Parliament has 20 Parliamentary committees, and each Green/EFA Group member is appointed to one or more of these committees. Molly is a member of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) and a substitute member of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (AGRI). Committee members are assisted by the Greens/EFA advisors and staff.

For each committee, the Green/EFA Group has appointed its own Member coordinator who follows the issues dealt with in their respective committees. The coordinators play an important role in preparing – together with the relevant staff – the discussion, (Group position), as well as the Group voting orientation, on the issues dealt with in the corresponding committee and at a later date in the plenary session.


Greens/EFA Members are also present in most of the parliamentary delegations. There are over 40 delegations which aim at maintaining contacts with parliaments of partner States of the European Union and also promoting the values on which the European Union is founded in developing countries. Molly is a member of the Euro-Latin America Delegation and a Substitute Member of the Brazil Delegation.