e-news 23rd October 2015

The first of the new-look e-news which will now be sent to subscribers every four weeks, to tie in with the Strasbourg plenary sessions, and feature the latest videos from Molly’s YouTube channel.

e-news 26th September 2015

A chance to see Molly’s much acclaimed interview with Andrew Neil during Green Party conference together with a definite corporate theme – Hinkley, VW emissions scandal and the issue of corporate lobbying.

e-news 11th September 2015

From the refugee crisis to the crisis in the renewables sector caused by Tory government policy; from cloning to launching a local currency – there is much on the agenda for an MEP!

e-news 24th July 2015

This edition includes the crisis in Greece to new powers for Cornwall, as well as Molly’s visits around the South West region, including a visit to AFC Bournemouth.

e-news 10th July 2015

This has been a particularly busy, but very successful, fortnight for the Greens in Europe and this edition will provides answers to two important questions: ‘What does Europe ever do for us?’ And ‘What difference do Green MEPs make?’

e-news 26th June 2015

Molly celebrates her first year as the first Green MEP for the South West by hitting the stage at the Glastonbury Festival! But there’s lots else besides, on ‘green money’, tax and renewable energy.

e-news 12th June 2015

This edition focuses on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade deal after a week dominated by the on-off nature of an important vote and debate. There is also a bit of a sporting theme…

e-news 1st June 2015

Success as Greens secure mandatory rules to cover the whole of the supply chain of minerals used in electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. This should help end conflict minerals. Also an update on TTIP, who will benefit for the EU’s ‘Better Regulation’ package and calls for a more ambitious approach to the future of organic farming.

e-news 15th May 2015

A heavy dose of tax in this edition together with articles about how Europe is helping to develop the region’s wave energy potential, threats to wildlife laws and the tragic situation of desperate Mediterranean migrants.

e-news 1st May 2015

A big focus in this edition on our Power to Transform the South West report which reveals that the South West has the potential to meet 100% of its energy needs from renewables.