e-news November 2016

From ending conflict minerals to converting Trident jobs to green jobs; from fighting air pollution to opposing taxing women on their periods, your Green MEP has had a busy month!

e-news September 2016

The first e-news since the EU referendum and the summer break. A referendum is a very long time in politics…

e-news 16th June 2016

In the final e-news before the EU referendum, Molly urges people to vote Remain and highlights the great work that Green MEPs are doing in the European Parliament.

Molly peed off with glyphosate test

Its all toxic this time! Toxic chemicals (glyphosate), toxic trade deals (TTIP) and toxic Brexit threats to the South West region (in lots of ways!) Find out what Greens are doing to tackle these issues.

e-news 21st April 2016

A focus on what the Greens and the EU are doing to tackle tax avoidance and a visit by German Greens to Bristol.

e-news 21st March 2016

This edition reports on a ramping up of the campaign against Hinkley and the government’s energy policies and the launch of #GreenerIn, the Green campaign to remain in the EU. Also lots on tax, with IKEA exposed as the the latest corporate tax dodger and a new push to abolish the tampon tax. Plus, food producers showcase their wonderful products in Brussels.

e-news 18th December 2015

Climate change, its impacts and fracking dominate this e-news but also featured are the use of antibiotics in farming, tax avoidance and arms sales.

e-news 1st December 2015

This edition of e-news focuses heavily on climate change and the impending COP21 negotiations in Paris. As an economist Molly is keen to highlight the issue of climate finance, and made her case for public funding for climate pledges at a Greens conference in Paris.