E-news October 2019

The campaign to save the country from Brexit and save the planet from climate breakdown. And lots more.

e-news July 2019

The new Commission president, the climate emergency and of course the latest on Brexit.

e-news June 2019

Molly re-elected as Green MEP for the South West, achieving 18% of the vote!

e-news April 2019

Molly prepares to fight for re-election in the European elections 2019.

Brexit update October 2017

Latest Brexit bulletin from Molly featuring the Brexit impact studies, corruption allegations against the Leave campaign, ‘Lexit’ & Gove’s ‘Green Brexit’.

e-news October 2017

An update from Molly about her work as an MEP including the latest on Hinkley, banning toxic glyphosate, a Saudi arms embargo and proposals to build a road tunnel under the Stonehenge World Heritage site.