TTIP: the next round to the campaigners

An article about the recent visit of over 150 campaigners to Brussels to protest against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade deal between the US and EU.

Joy of Tax

The Joy of Tax: Tax may not sound sexy, but it is the price we pay for being part of a civilised society, argues Molly Scott Cato

Waging peace in an era of militarisation

Published on Remembrance Day, Molly argues that the militarisation of society has become normalised and that war and its thousands of victims have become part of the scenery of our lives. She suggests there is a risk that the red poppy itself, that poignant symbol of loss and respect, is being hijacked by a particular interpretation of what it means to be patriotic.

Nuclear weapons: not just a wooly issue

Chat Politics column Published 24th September 2014  It was peace that first brought Molly into politics when she was 16 and founded Bath Youth CND. Now, some 30 years later as a newly elected MEP, she again finds herself championing the anti nuclear cause. Not just at wonderful events like Wool Against Weapons but … Read more

Brussels Revolving Door Leads Straight to the City

Huffington Post blog Published 10th Sept 2014  Molly writing with her Green colleague Sven Giegold who both sit on the European Parliament’s Economics and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON). Using the example of Sharon Bowles, ex-chair of ECON who has taken up a directorship at the London Stock Exchange, this article explores how politicians damage … Read more