Greens gain credit for card fee reductions

Greens in the European Parliament have helped secure an early Christmas present for consumers and small businesses after the European Parliament and finance ministers agreed to curb excessive payment card fees paid by many retailers.

‘LuxLeaks letter’

A letter on the Luxembourg Leaks tax avoidance scandal, signed by the UKs three MEPs and sent to several national newspapers. None chose to publish it.

Molly responds to autumn statement

Molly has described the autumn statement as another missed opportunity to help the economy work for the common good and shows the government’s economic and environmental illiteracy.

MEP calls for firm action in wake of Luxemburg tax avoidance scandal

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato is calling on the European Council and Commission to take swift and decisive action in the wake of revelations that Luxembourg has been facilitating millions of pounds in tax evasion by multinationals. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was Luxemburg’s finance minister and then prime minister throughout this period. Dr Scott Cato, … Read more