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Molly writes…

“I remain proudly pro-EU. As an MEP and Green Party speaker on EU relations, I have been doing everything I can to make sure we keep the closest possible relationship with our European neighbours. Immediately after the referendum it seemed right to accept the result and give the proponents of Brexit a chance to come forward with a solid plan for a better Britain outside the EU.

But 18 months on from the referendum, we see a country divided and a government in chaos with no ability to negotiate with our European partners. We are losing credibility, losing investment, and losing friends.

We now have a much clearer idea of the dubious forces behind the Brexit campaign – an alliance of far-right ideologues, climate change deniers, tax-dodging foreign billionaires and specialists in voter manipulation. Details about this unholy alliance can be found on my Bad Boys of Brexit website.

It is increasingly clear that a murky network of fake think tanks, so-called charities and wealthy individuals are using Brexit as an opportunity to attack the regulations which protect our environment, health and rights and to push an extreme free trade agenda [see my Brexit Syndicate website for more details]. Many of these organisations – some with close links to government ministers – strongly favour the privatisation of our health service, and we see US corporate vultures circling in the hope of picking off our health services in any post-Brexit trade deal. My new Brexit Syndicate website outlines the main organisations behind the Brexit campaign.

This is not what people voted for. We need a People’s Vote so people can decide whether what Brexit offers is actually what they wanted, or whether on reflection their interests and those of the country are best served by remaining in the EU. The latest poll showing that more voters in the South West favour such a vote than not demonstrates that people want to take back control from the inept politicians who have led us into this Brexit shambles.

Also, since 2016, many people have gained a clearer understanding of the benefits of our EU membership. And, by the time we really plan to leave the EU, there will be a whole new generation of young voters – who are overwhelmingly pro-Europe. Our Future, Our Choice is a group of young people who think Brexit is a disaster and are mobilising others to stop Brexit democratically.

So, for many reasons, I am campaigning with other Greens for a Final Say – a referendum on the final deal, with the option of remaining in the EU. Democracy didn’t end in June 2016. When we know the terms of the Brexit deal we have a democratic right to decide whether we still think leaving the EU is in the best interests of the country.

I am also actively engaged in debates about the nature of our future trading relationship with the EU should Brexit go ahead and have argued strongly for us to remain members of the single market and customs union. I wrote about the importance of the customs union for the Guardian here.  I also commissioned reports on potential opportunities for farming and trade in the event of the UK leaving the EU.

The historic mistake to leave the EU can and must be reversed but it is down to you and me to bring about the end to this damaging and dangerous chapter in our county’s history. We must all do what we can to add our voices to the growing chorus demanding that we can – and we must – Stop Brexit.”

What can we do to help you?

We send out a regular Brexit enews with updates about what is happening with the negotiations. We are better placed than media outlets to let you know what is really going on and to read between the lines. [Update: Discontinued after 31 January 2020.]

What can you do?

If you agree that Brexit is a disaster for our country and that we should change our minds about leaving the EU then you are not alone! There are many organisations and individuals campaigning for this and here are some of the things we can do together:

  • Argue for a Final Say referendum. Democracy didn’t end in June 2016 and when we know what the terms of the Brexit deal will be we have a democratic right to decide whether we still think that is in the best interests of the country.
  • Lobby your MP. MPs will have a vote on the final deal. Tell them you want continued membership of the single market and customs union and to support a Final Say referendum.
  • Join an organisation campaigning against the Tories disastrous Brexit plans and/or for Labour to change its position:


e-news updates

Molly sent out regular Brexit bulletins by email. Subscriptions and archives are now closed.

For a full list of previous enews updates, including on her work in the European Parliament, see the e-news page.


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Some highlights of Molly’s work in the European Parliament

Brexit Resolution

At the end of the negotiation process the European Parliament will get a vote on the final deal which will be determined by a simple majority. In April last year, the European Parliament laid out its red lines on Brexit with a Resolution on negotiations with the United Kingdom. A priority for the Greens/EFA group has been to prioritise the rights of citizens, be they UK citizens living abroad in other EU countries, or other EU nationals living in the UK.

Citizens’ rights and freedom of movement

As well as safeguarding all EU citizens and their families, Molly also supports freedom of movement as a reciprocal right, and recently wrote to David Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, urging him to release reports that detail the impact of a hard Brexit.


Molly shares the concerns of many that the UK may attempt to drastically lower tax rates for large corporations once the UK has left the EU. As a Member of the Panama Papers Committee, Molly has been working with her fellow MEPs to create fairer tax rules such as an EU register of beneficial owners of companies, a tax havens blacklist and a common consolidated corporate tax base (CCCTB) .

As a result, Molly has been holding corporations and the British government to account on tax avoidance, and is advocating for a fair and transparent tax system post-Brexit.

Air pollution

The UK faces a serious health crisis with air pollution in many cities exceeding EU legal limits. Molly and her British Green colleagues have consistently pressed the government over its failure to improve air quality levels and to adhere to EU law.

Food and farming

Brexit will affect the UK’s farming industry, as around 65% of our agricultural exports go to the EU and British farmers receive around 55% of their income from EU subsidies. If the UK leaves the single market and does not provide adequate support for farmers post-Brexit, this could greatly damage the British farming sector.