Greens welcome EU Parliament vote for Green Deal

A Green Deal for Europe today got the green light from a majority of MEPs. The plan received support across the political groups, and Greens particularly welcomed support for their amendments demanding nuclear power should not support the green transition and that there must be an immediate end to investments in fossil fuels.

As a green economist, who has worked on sustainable finance during her time as an MEP, Molly welcomed today’s vote:

“The Green deal sets the EU on a course towards restructuring the economy with a focus on climate protection, enhancing biodiversity and greening investments. As Greens we also welcome the fact that this deal will not involve nuclear power and will mean an immediate end to investment in fossil fuels.”

Molly, who will cease being an MEP at the end of this month when the UK exits the EU, added:

“While the EU strides forwards on investing in the sectors and jobs needed for the green transition, the UK, led by a Tory government that seems stuck in the fossil era, will slip further and further behind our nearest neighbours. This is a tragedy for the environment, for tackling the climate emergency and for the UK economy.” 

The central demands made by the resolution passed today include: reforming European agricultural policy so it has strong links to a biodiversity strategy; linking payments from the Just Transition fund to ending coal production; tying the EU budget, European Investment Bank funding and public investment to the targets set out in the Paris climate targets and setting binding EU climate targets by 2030 ahead of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow in November.