CAP reform must halt extinctions and address climate emergency, says Green MEP

Molly has called for urgent reforms to farming as agricultural experts demand major changes to the way the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) operates. In particular the five organisations, representing more than 2,500 experts, have called for an immediate end to the intensification of farming practices because of its impacts on wildlife.

Molly, who is a member of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, believes that solutions long championed by the Greens are key to more sustainable farming. She said:

“Industrial and intensive agriculture combined with the extensive use of toxic chemicals is the major cause of massive declines in our wildlife. Greens have long advocated reforms to the CAP.  Europe’s most serious and urgent crises are the climate emergency and loss of wildlife in the countryside. We need an agriculture policy that has at its heart the aim of halting the extinction of species and making farming a climate protector.”

“As Greens we want to see a rapid shift towards organic, smaller scale and less intensive farming practices and CAP should work to incentivise and reward such a shift. Not only will this help restore habitats for wildlife, it will also restore soil health and turn land into a valuable carbon sink. This would be a win-win for wildlife and for the climate.

“The South West is already a leader in successful small-scale and organic farming so is well placed to lead a climate-friendly farming revolution. The region also has areas that could be converted to agro-forestry, be rewilded with extensive tree cover and where peatlands could be restored.”