Response to proposed EU-UK deal

Responding to the Brexit deal agreed between the UK and EU, Molly, who is Green Party spokesperson on Brexit, said:

“This deal is worse than the poor deal agreed by Theresa May and infinitely worse than our current deal as EU members.  

“It is disappointing to see Barnier concede on the Irish backstop, which was there to protect the integrity of the single market, and the level playing field, the downgrading of which risks a race to the bottom on environmental protections, consumers standards and workers’ rights.

“It is now incumbent on progressive MPs, who know that leaving with this deal is far worse than remaining as an EU member, to block this in parliament on Saturday. People must have their say on this through a confirmatory referendum.

“A million people outside Westminster joining the People’s Vote March and millions more around the country will be watching closely and expecting their MPs to act in the national interest.”