Renewables beat nuclear on cost and carbon emissions, says MEP

Molly has renewed her call for the UK to abandon its nuclear power programme in the wake of a new report on the status of the global nuclear industry.

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report says genuinely renewable non-nuclear options save more carbon per pound and can outcompete nuclear economically. The analysis reports that 165 GW of renewables were added to the world’s power grids in 2018 compared to just 9 GW of nuclear operating capacity and that the cost of new nuclear power has increased by 23% over the last decade, while the costs of solar and wind have fallen by 88% and 69% respectively.  

Molly, who is a long-term critic of Hinkley C which is being built in her South West constituency, responded to the report:

“This is evidence, if more were needed, that the future both in terms of tackling the climate emergency and keeping energy bills down is renewable energy, not nuclear. The government should abandon the nuclear option and switch to an all-out drive for renewable energy options. In particular we need a big push for new on and offshore wind generation, which can come on line quicker and at lower cost than nuclear.

“In the South West that means powering millions of homes through resurrecting schemes like the Atlantic Array off the north Devon coast and Navitus Bay off the Dorset coast. As a region we have the potential to generate at least 100% of our energy needs from renewables alone. We just need the political will to make it happen.”