MEP warns South West coastal communities will suffer from climate chaos unless we take bold action

Molly has warned that the region’s 630 miles of coastline will become increasingly susceptible to extreme weather events and sea level rises over the next 50 years due to climate change.

The warning comes following a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in which scientists say that extreme weather events such as storms, strong winds and flooding are set to batter coasts every year from now on rather than once a century in the past.

Molly said:

“The repeated warnings from scientists if we fail to act on the climate emergency are alarming. This latest report warns that not only are extreme weather events and sea level rises guaranteed, but that a failure to act on our carbon emissions could lead to a 1-2m sea level rise by the end of this century.

“But rather than despair we need to act. As Greens we have a plan: the Green New Deal, which promises to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2030 through investment in clean energy, warm homes and public transport and shifting towards sustainable farming and restoring nature [1]. Rather than being a burden, such a plan will create thousands of new jobs, tackle inequality and poverty and improve health and wellbeing. 

“Let’s not feel swamped by the dire warnings from scientists. We need to keep our heads above water and take the bold actions we need to ensure that future generations and communities survive and thrive.” 


[1] Molly is currently touring the region, holding a series of events to discuss how we can deliver a Green New Deal for the South West. She is in Exeter on Thursday 26th October, Swindon on 3rd October, Stroud on 17th October and Bristol on 18th October. Full details here