Joint statement from Green MEPs on European Parliament resolution on Brexit

In a joint statement, the UK’s seven Green MEPs [1] have welcomed a resolution on Brexit agreed by the European Parliament today.

“It is good to see that democracy in Europe is alive and well. A vast majority of MEPs have made clear today that they want to help the UK avoid a catastrophic No Deal scenario by strongly supporting an extension to Article 50. We look to the EU27 to follow through and support the expressed wishes of MEPs.

“By supporting today’s resolution, this parliament has shown it cares more about UK citizens than our own government does. Indeed, the European Parliament is currently the only Parliament where all British citizens are represented.

“We also welcome the call for an equal playing field on environmental standards, employment rights and consumer protections. This shows that the EU is committed to protecting us against the Brexiteer tax avoiders and climate deniers.”


[1] The UKs seven Green MEPs: Molly Scott Cato (South West), Scott Ainslie (London), Alexandra Phillips (South East), Catherine Rowett (East), Ellie Chowns (West Midlands), Gina Dowding (North West) and Magid Magid (Yorks and Humber).