Tory MP referred to High Sheriff of Cornwall for encouraging law breaking

Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, has referred Sheryll Murray MP to the High Sheriff of Cornwall. The referral follows news that the MP for South East Cornwall is one of several Conservative MPs who have allegedly urged Boris Johnson to break the law in order to deliver a crash-out Brexit.

Legislation preventing the UK from exiting the EU without a deal received Royal Assent this week, but some Tory MPs are urging the Prime Minister to bypass the legislation in order to force a no-deal Brexit.

Commenting on the letter, Molly said:

“I have asked the High Sheriff of Cornwall to respond to the allegations that Sheryll Murray has advocated breaking the law to force through a damaging crash-out Brexit. Under the Criminal Law Act 1977 this would constitute an offence of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office.

“As to the voters of South East Cornwall, I am sure they will want to reflect on whether they want an MP who has advocated criminal activity. Encouraging the Prime Minister to break the law would set a damaging precedent and constitute a threat to the rule of law. We must expect the highest standards of behaviour from our MPs and our Prime Minister.”

Molly is also referring Sheryll Murray to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.


Response received from the High Sheriff of Cornwall, which Molly has described as ‘disappointing.’