Kill the Cull says Green MEP

As the government considers extending the badger cull zones, Molly has demanded the policy be ended immediately. The call comes as new research shows that in Gloucestershire, one of the pilot cull zones, incidents of bovine TB actually rose by 130% in 2018 compared with the previous year. A leading vet has also warned that thousands of badgers experience “huge suffering” before they die.

Molly said:

“Despite evidence of ineffectiveness and suffering, the government is set to plough ahead with a policy which ignores the science and the suffering of both badgers and farmers.

“Gloucestershire, one of the first ever pilot zones for the badger cull, has actually seen a massive increase in incidents of bovine TB. The method of slaughter has also caused immense suffering, with thousands of badgers taking more than five minutes to die after they were shot. 

“Farmers are deeply affected by bovine TB but we need effective and scientifically grounded policy to deal with this terrible disease. Greens believe we need tighter controls on cattle movement, strict biosecurity measures and the roll out of a vaccination programme for both badgers and cows. It’s time to kill the cull, not extend a barbaric policy that has failed at every level.”

The government is set to add a further 10 culling zones in England taking the total to 42. According to campaign group the Badger Trust, the expansion of the zones could result in the killing of over 50,000 badgers in the next two months, up from 28,000 killings last year.