Update on the Metropolitan Police investigation into illegal activity by the Leave campaigns during the 2016 EU referendum

As disquiet mounts over Dominic Cummings apparent ‘reign of terror’ and grip over government and the Conservative Party, the complainants who launched legal action to speed up criminal investigations into Vote Leave, of which Mr Cummings was Campaigns Director, have issued an update: 

We are pleased to make public that we were recently notified that a file of evidence has been passed to the Crown Prosecution Service which summarises the Met’s investigation into illegality on the part of Leave.EU. We welcome the fact that there is now an opportunity for those responsible for the breaking of spending rules to be prosecuted in a court of law.

As regards the investigation into Vote Leave, we regret that although evidence was passed to the Metropolitan Police a full year ago they have not yet concluded their investigation. We have received information that they were awaiting further information from the Electoral Commission that has now been handed over. We hope that this means that the Met will be able to complete this investigation as a matter of urgency.

We launched our legal action because of concerns that the investigation was not proceeding as swiftly as it should have been and we are pleased that it seems to have expedited matters. We are grateful to our legal team at Bindmans for their expert work on this case that has such a strong public interest.

The list of complainants in the legal action are Caroline Lucas MP, Ben Bradshaw MP, Tom Brake MP, Baroness Jenny Jones, Molly Scott Cato MEP