Statement on plans to prorogue parliament

Responding to the announcement from Boris Johnson on plans to prorogue parliament, Molly said:

“The decision to prorogue Parliament is the most audacious power grab our country has seen since 1642 and a fundamental assault on parliamentary sovereignty. It is now clear what Take Back Control meant: a constitutional coup by a dishonest and self-serving elite, hellbent on forcing through a damaging crash-out Brexit. There is no parliamentary mandate for this and it goes against the will of the majority of British people.

“But it is important not to despair. This  by the government reflects that there is now no way of making Brexit happen democratically. This is a desperate government choosing an anti-democratic route to achieve a policy that is no longer popular in the country. The mandate for Brexit is now over three years old and has been found to be totally flawed, mired in lies and manipulative and illegal behaviour.

“Now is the time for all of us to stand up for the democratic rights that were hard won through sacrifice and struggle. We must defend our representatives and support them in their work across parliament to defend our democracy. If that means occupying the chamber and refusing to be removed, then that is what our elected members must do. And we need to join them in a show of strength for democratic standards.

“It is time to hand back control to the people either through a People’s Vote or a general election.”