Green MEP slams ‘outrageous policy’ which would force consumers to pay for new nuclear

Molly has slammed government proposals to finance new nuclear plants by forcing consumers to pay upfront through their energy bills. as a long-term opponent of Hinkley C in Somerset, Molly responded: 

“The climate emergency of course means we need to achieve carbon neutrality as quickly as possible. But the nuclear industry is not the answer. It is too slow, far too expensive and can only be supported by an outrageous policy that breaks the government’s previous commitment to require nuclear to survive without subsidies or not at all.

“Globally, wind power output grew by 17% in 2017 and solar by 35%, leaving nuclear far behind with just 1% growth. The UK now generates more electricity from renewables than from nuclear power and we’ve seen record low prices for wind power.

“Renewables, smart energy solutions and emerging battery technologies together with a big drive on energy efficiency will make nuclear redundant. A Green New Deal, which is increasingly being seen as the economic path Europe needs to take, can tackle the climate crisis while creating thousands of new jobs. Nuclear energy does not feature in this plan.”