US threaten action against French digital tax

Yesterday, the US Trade Department announced that it will analyse the impact of a tax on big technology companies in France to see whether the law will ‘unfairly’ harm US companies. The law has been passed by the French Senate and national Assembly. Any move by the US could ultimately see tariffs brought in against French companies.  

Molly, who is Greens/EFA spokesperson on tax, responded:

“We support France’s attempts to make tech companies pay their taxes where they operate and generate revenue. This decision by the US puts at risk the OECD negotiations for modernising tax rules for the digital economy, and to make digital companies pay their fair share in taxes.

“The threat from the US serves as a timely reminder for the UK, a country that is planning a similar tax on the tech giants. Working collaboratively, the EU can and must stand up to the aggressive tactics of Trump’s America. But Brexit would leave the UK isolated, unable and unwilling to confront the US and corporate might. 

“It is time for those Member States blocking action on a tech tax to support France and other countries who want to ensure US digital corporations pay their fair share of tax to support European services they currently free ride on.”