Widdecombe’s ‘attitude and expression of hatred’ not representative of South West says Green MEP

Responding to an outlandish speech in the European Parliament by Brexit Party MEP, Anne Widdecombe, in which she compared leaving the EU to oppressed people turning on the oppressors, slaves against their owners and the peasantry against the feudal barons Molly said:

“Some British MEPs were in tears listening to Ann Widdecombe’s rant in the European Parliament today. It is one of the most shameful episodes I have witnessed in my five years there.

“Constituents have told me how ashamed she has made them feel; how this attitude and expression of hatred does not represent their values or the South West of England.

“This sort of odious rhetoric may energise Brextremist activists but it threatens the chances of negotiating a positive future trading relationship with our European neighbours. It therefore threatens the livelihoods of South West farmers and fishermen who depend on European export markets. She has used them as pawns in her vitriol towards Europe’s elected representatives. 

“Anybody who values our place in the world will hang their head in shame after witnessing this humiliating incident.”