Green MEP who referred Farage to European Anti-Fraud Office welcomes Parliament’s findings

Molly, who referred Nigel Farage to the European Anti-Fraud office a month ago, has welcomed the conclusion of a European Parliament Advisory Committee that Farage has committed a serious breach of the Code of Conduct.

The investigation has found a £450,000 donation to Nigel Farage from the billionaire co-founder of Leave.EU, Arron Banks, to fund his lavish lifestyle, is in breach of rules which stipulate MEPs must declare support for political activity as well as declare gifts above €150 [2]. A leaked letter also suggests “the seriousness of Mr Farage’s conduct would merit the highest penalty foreseen by the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure”. There is also a recommendation that Nigel Farage be referred to the European Anti-Fraud Office. Responding, Molly said:

“I’m pleased the Parliament watchdog has backed up my decision to refer this matter to the EU’s anti-fraud office and to liaise with the National Crime Agency. The failure to declare a huge donation from his Brextremist chum Aaron Banks – himself under investigation by the National Crime Agency – is clearly a breach of the MEP code of conduct. It may also be illegal.

“Voters need to know who the people they elect are really working for which is why it is vital that we declare gifts and donations. We must defend democratic standards from the charlatans who would undermine it and prevent Britain turning into a corrupt banana republic where power can be bought and sold.”

Molly is also one of several parliamentarians taking legal action to prompt the Metropolitan police into action and explain why nothing has been done in relation to electoral offences committed by the Leave campaign. Writing in yesterday’s Metro, Caroline Lucas, one of the MPs involved in the legal action, said:

“Nearly a year ago, the Electoral Commission handed over more than 2,000 documents to the Metropolitan Police detailing why they believed serious offences had been committed by Vote Leave. Since then, there’s been nothing but silence. The police must take action against those who broke the law or explain why they are not doing so.”