Molly welcomes unlawful arms sales verdict

Responding to the news that the court of appeal has declared British arms sales to Saudi Arabia unlawful because ministers failed to properly assess their contribution to civilian casualties in indiscriminate bombing in Yemen, Molly Scott Cato said:

“It shouldn’t have taken court action to force the government it to stick to its own rules on arms sales and do what is morally right. However, the court of appeal’s verdict is very welcome and this is something that Greens have long argued for.

“Back in 2017, the European Parliament supported a resolution by Greens calling on the EU Commission to introduce an embargo on arms exports to Saudi Arabia. It also called for a process to sanction EU countries which do not comply with EU rules on arms exports. As one of the largest arms exporters in Europe the UK has been the leading culprit.

“Arms manufacturers must now stop selling their weapons of death to one of the world’s most brutal regimes. The arms trade has always been immoral but now we have a clear ruling that the deaths of Yemeni children were the result of illegal arms exports by Britain.”