Molly appointed to senior positions within European Parliament

Molly has been appointed to senior positions in the European Parliament, following her resounding victory in the European elections three weeks ago in which she received 18% of the vote in the South West, the highest Green vote in the country. She has been elected as a vice-president of the Green Group, a nine-member bureau that guides and leads the group. She has also been chosen as Green negotiator to help set the European parliament’s agenda for the forthcoming term. Labour MEP Claude Moraes and Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies have also been selected to join the negotiating team.

The Green/EFA group in the parliament have seen their numbers swell by 50%. They are now the fourth largest group with 75 MEPs and will have considerably more influence in the coming five years.

Molly Scott Cato said:

“It is a great honour to have been selected for these important positions and is a clear signal from the Green Group that it is committed to our MEPs serving their full five-year term and to supporting us stop Brexit.

“The Greens are more powerful than we have ever been and the reasons why people voted Green have a greater salience than ever. With little more than a week to complete these negotiations and sign up to a shared platform, we won’t of course achieve everything we want, but the commitment to cooperation, inclusion and respect for our differing positions is impressive and so very different to the combative and tribal politics of Westminster.

“We’re talking about everything from tax and migration to climate action and workers’ rights. It is clear that as the fourth largest group in the parliament the voice of Greens is being heard loud and clear.”