Molly to join Green Party Spring conference in Scarborough following stunning European election result

Celebrating her success as the only surviving South West MEP from the last Parliament, Molly Scott Cato, will be attending Green Party conference in Scarborough between Friday 7th and Monday 10th June. Molly was returned as MEP with an impressive 18% of the vote and is joined in Brussels by six other newly elected Green MEPs from across the country. 

The Green Party have adopted a ‘tough on Brexit, tough on the causes of Brexit’ approach and are continuing to push for a People’s Vote as a way of remaining in the EU. The conference will include important debates on the climate emergency, which Molly will chair, as well as a panel on the Green New Deal.

Molly Scott Cato MEP said:

“We have grown from three to seven MEPs in the UK and our parliamentary group from 50 to 74 MEPs. As the fourth largest group in the European Parliament we will insist that political cooperation is dependent on a commitment to tackle the climate emergency, crack down on tax avoidance, and protect and extend civil rights.  

“For MEPs in the UK, stopping Brexit is of course a political priority, but we must also tackle the reasons why so many people voted for Brexit. We have to end austerity and create a more equal and fair society.

“In the South West the Green vote was higher than the Conservative and Labour vote combined in a staggering 21 of 31 regional results. So we need to build on our successes and campaign even more strongly for a modern, multi-party democracy where our political representatives are elected under proportional representation in all elections.”