Green MEP refers Farage to Anti-Fraud Office

Molly has referred Nigel Farage to the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) asking them to investigate possible fraudulent activity. The referral comes following accusations that monetary gifts totalling almost £450,000 from billionaire Arron Banks were made to Mr Farage in the year after the EU referendum. According to the Channel 4 News investigation the donation from Banks, the co-founder of Leave.EU, was used for items including rent payments on a multi-million pound house in Chelsea, a £30,000 car, £20,000 a month for a driver and bodyguards and a private office leased at £1,500 a month. Arron Banks has not denied the allegations.  

Molly claims that Farage could be in breach of Code of Conduct rules which stipulate MEPs must declare support for political activity as well as declare gifts above €150. Arron Banks himself is currently under investigation by the National Crime Agency over millions of pounds of campaign donations during the 2016 referendum campaign. His Leave.EU campaign group was fined £70,000 for breaking electoral spending law.

Molly said:

“As we approach the European elections this week, where so many people are apparently putting their faith in Nigel Farage, it is essential that the European Anti-Fraud Office investigate immediately whether he is in breach of the rules and if this financial support has indirectly financed his Brexit Party.

“Many, including myself, consider Nigel Farage to be a professional political fraudster. We need to know as a matter of urgency whether his fraudulent activities extend to breaking EU rules.”

The referral to OLAF is the latest in a series of actions Molly Scott Cato has taken over the last three years to expose illegal and dishonest behaviour by the Leave campaign. She wrote to the National Crime Agency a year ago calling for investigations into Arron Banks and Leave.EU and produced two popular websites exposing the truth about the individuals and organisations behind the Brexit campaign.

One of those featured was a former close aide of Nigel Farage, George Cottrell, a convicted fraudster who was jailed in the US for offering to launder money for drug lords. It has been reported that Cottrell is now acting as a fundraiser for the Brexit Party.

Tom Scott who researched and wrote much of the content for both the Bad Boys of Brexit and the Brexit syndicate websites said:

“No single MEP has done more to uncover the corruption, dishonesty and downright illegal activity of the Leave campaigns than Molly Scott Cato. The more research I did, the more it became apparent that the Brexit referendum was mired in corruption, criminality  and lies. Molly has helped shine a very strong light into this murky world. I hope her latest attempt to expose Farage as a fraudster will pay off and people will question whether he and his party are worthy of their vote on Thursday.”