Greens pledge to act on climate emergency to ensure Thunberg generation ‘live healthy and prosperous lives’

Molly has said that climate change will be at the core of all Green policy in the next European Parliament. The pledge comes as Greens announce 10 priority measures to save the climate and in a week which has seen climate change rise to the top of the agenda, with Extinction Rebellion protestors taking non-violent direct action in London and teenage Nobel peace prize nominee Greta Thunberg address MEPs.

Molly, who is hoping to retain her South West seat in the forthcoming European elections, said:

“Greta Thunberg is a remarkable campaigner; an inspiring voice for her generation. She deserved the standing ovation she received from MEPs. But what she really wants is action not applause.

“Greens pledge to act on our climate emergency. Climate change lies at the core of our policies on social, economic and environmental justice. There can be no jobs, no society on a dead planet.

“There must not be a penny more in subsidies for fossil fuels; currently the fossil economy enjoys at least €55bn of public subsidies in Europe. From now on every single euro invested must be checked to ensure it serves projects that are truly sustainable.

“I am proud to have personally led on the sustainable finance agenda in the European parliament, developing measures and criteria to ensure finance is moved away from carbon-intensive sectors towards funding a New Green Deal. And yesterday Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, pointed to how the financial sector must play a central role in a massive reallocation of capital to help prevent catastrophic global warming.

“We also need a fair price on carbon, ensuring the biggest polluters, such as aviation, energy producers and heavy industry pay their fair share in the fight against climate change. This would not only make the polluter pay but generate revenue in the order of €28bn a year to invest in sustainable alternatives such as rail travel, renewables and energy efficiency and train people in jobs to support the transition to a low carbon economy.”

“Greta Thunberg implored politicians to listen. Greens hear loud and clear the warnings about impending climate chaos. We are committed to act to ensure her generation inherit a world fit for all to live healthy and prosperous lives.”