Government turning its back on Cornwall, says Green MEP

Cornwall’s Green MEP has accused the government of turning its back on the region as European structural adjustment funding for support to small and medium sized enterprises and shifting towards a low carbon economy comes to an end. The government has previously pledged to replace EU funding with a ‘Shared Prosperity Fund’ but no plan has been issued and a promised consultation has been repeatedly delayed.

Molly said:

The EU has done great things for Cornwall, providing approximately £60m a year to create low carbon jobs and support innovative start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises. The pipeline of projects supported by EU funding has now been interrupted because of our vote to leave the EU.

“Promises of future funding streams to replace EU funds amount to nothing more than warm words and it has become clear that the government is turning its back on Cornwall.

“With the prospect of European elections in May, the people of Cornwall will have an opportunity to give their verdict on Brexit.

“More people in Cornwall have changed their minds on Brexit than anywhere else in the country. I hope voters will send a clear message to the Tory government that leaving the EU is bad for the community, the economy and environment in Cornwall.

“Cornish people have a right to express their verdict on Brexit in reality, as opposed to the false promises made in 2016. With the government so far blocking a People’s Vote they have the opportunity to use the European elections as a proxy for such a referendum.”