Carbon emissions fall dramatically, but government policy on climate is still half baked, says Green MEP

Commenting on evidence that the UK’s carbon emissions have fallen to 38 per cent below 1990 levels, Molly said:

“The evidence that the UKs carbon emissions continue to decline is welcome news. But it comes on the same day we learn that our potatoes have been left shorter due to extreme heat. And while citizens and green businesses are chipping in to do their bit to tackle climate change, government policy on climate is still half baked.

“The Tories are expanding airports, building more roads, pushing fracking while stifling the cheapest forms of renewable energy: on-shore wind and solar. Both are excellent candidates for community ownership, enabling communities to take back power from the energy giants and generate an income. 

“While sustainable finance is helping to drive the transition, the UK is still stuck in the dark ages, subsiding fossil fuels more than any other European country and with an energy policy in disarray.  

“The great hope in today’s figures is that they show the transition to a zero carbon economy is totally feasible given the political will to make this happen.”