MEP perspective on Brexit debate and amendments

Responding to the debate and votes on amendments to the Withdrawal Agreement in parliament tonight, Molly offered an MEPs perspective:

“It is welcome that parliament has at least shown the good sense to reject the ‘No Deal is better than a Bad Deal’ nonsense by supporting the amendment from Caroline Spelman. This clearly indicates Parliament wants to protect the country against a No Deal calamity. However, Parliament also veered into the realms of fantasy by supporting the Brady amendment to reopen negotiations that the EU have made clear are firmly closed.

“It is deeply worrying that Labour is failing to show the opposition and leadership the country needs. It’s support for the powerful Grieve and Cooper amendments was late and half-hearted and we desperately need Jeremy Corbyn to oppose with considerably more conviction. In particular the country will expect him to stay true to Labour’s conference resolution and come out in support of a people’s vote.”