Green MEP slams siting of oil rig off Bournemouth coast

Molly has added her voice to those opposing the siting of an oil rig off the coast of Bournemouth. Commenting, she said:

“I fully support those protesting about an oil rig being placed six miles off the coast from Bournemouth. The licence accompanying this archaic piece of equipment allows for 1000 tonnes of drilling fluid to be released directly into the sea, which will pose a huge threat to rare seahorses and other sea life. Full credit to local Green councillors who have been campaigning for a protection zone off the Dorset coast that would prevent offshore oil and gas exploration and production.

“We face a climate emergency. The latest report from the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change says we have just 12 years to make drastic changes to the way we produce and consume energy if we are to keep global warming to less than 1.5⁰C. So the business as usual approach of continued exploitation of fossil fuels simply isn’t an option any longer.

“Of course, the fact that Bournemouth has a self-confessed oil man as an MP doesn’t help matters. Connor Burns has declared interests in the oil and gas industry and opposed the Navitus Bay off-shore wind project which would have generated enough electricity to power 700,000 homes.

“The future has to be clean green energy, which the South West has in abundance. Fossil fuels have no future and those who continue to push them must step aside to make way for an energy revolution.”