Greens say ‘pause’ on Wylfa nuclear plant should be permanent and is evidence of UK energy policy in ‘disarray’

Molly, who has long campaigned against Hinkley Point C and nuclear power, has called for the Wylfa nuclear reactor to be permanently abandoned. The Japanese tech giant Hitachi, that is constructing the new plant in North Wales, has announced it is suspending construction due to spiralling costs and a failure to agree an acceptable deal with the government. Greens say this is further evidence that nuclear is no longer economically viable, as the costs of renewable options continue to plunge. They also say this is further evidence that the government’s energy strategy is in disarray.  

Molly Scott Cato MEP said:

“This pause in the construction of the Wylfa nuclear reactor needs to be permanent. It needs to be completely abandoned and the ripple effects need to extend all the way through Wales and across the Bristol channel to Hinkley and beyond to Oldbury, a further proposed reactor to be built by Hitachi. The government needs to call time on nuclear power.

“This flagship energy project for Wales is now in meltdown and comes on the back of the government deciding to abandon the Swansea tidal lagoon. Government energy policy is in disarray and the UK needs an energy strategy that puts renewables at its heart. Renewable energy technologies now offer the cleanest, greenest and cheapest energy available. The price of onshore wind is now $20MWh compared to the Hinkley strike-price of $120/MWh. And the Department for Business, Energy and Industry has acknowledged that the cost of off-shore wind has halved in the last two years to £57.50/MWh.

“The UK is lagging behind other European countries when it comes to renewable energy generation. 55% of Sweden’s energy use is now provided by renewables; for Portugal it is nearly 30%. Potentially, the UK has some of the best renewable energy resources in Europe. Its time to unlock these while firmly closing the door on expensive and dangerous nuclear once and for all.”