Molly responds to Brexit Vote and Vote of Confidence

Responding to last night’s defeat for the government in the Brexit vote and today’s vote of confidence in the government, Molly said:

“Westminster is now in gridlock. The failed leadership of Theresa May and weak or non-existent opposition from Labour’s front bench has brought us to a crisis; one which our politicians seem unable to resolve. That is why the only way forwards is to go back to the people.

“Today’s vote of confidence in the government should really be a vote of confidence in our whole political system which has spectacularly failed us. We should use a People’s Vote as the starting point for reform. This is an opportunity to fix our broken political system, address the reasons why so many people voted Leave, and remain in an EU where we can champion reforms that put social justice and environmental protection at the heart of Europe.”

Molly’s speech to the European Parliament, the morning after Theresa May’s historic defeat in the House of Commons.