Green MEP to tour region to warn about ‘creeping fascism’

Molly is to tour the region to take part in a series of panel debates warning about creeping fascism and the rollback of democracy in post-Brexit Britain. At the events, taking place in Stroud, Plymouth, Swindon and Gloucester, She will be joined by journalists, academics and cross-party politicians [1].

Molly said:

“When you look into academic studies of 1930’s fascism you can see some disturbing parallels with modern political speech and behaviour. This series of panel debates will look at the current post-referendum political landscape and explore the warning signs of fascism and what can we do to defend democracy.”

The public meetings will explore ideas on how to defend our communities against fascism. Writing recently for the Independent Molly provided some suggestions:

“Cherishing diversity, championing peace, seeking out evidence, standing out from the crowd, enjoying and taking part in community life, joining a trade union and valuing empowered women are just some of the ways in which we can challenge nationalism and fascism and defend democracy.”

Molly concluded:

“I look forward to learning from an exciting range of politicians, academics, journalists and members of the public who attend these meetings on ways in which we can resist the politics of hate. I am convinced that the good sense and tolerant nature of the British people will prevail.”


[1] Details of each meeting together with links through to how to register for each event here.