Cut in solar payments a betrayal of the South West, says Green MEP

Molly has accused the government of a ‘dereliction of duty’ and ‘betraying the South West’ after it announced plans to scrap paying householders for generating electricity under the feed-in tariff. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has said that in future households installing solar panels will be expected to give away unused clean power for free to energy firms.

Responding, Molly said:

“The South West is the best area in the country for solar power so this is a kick in the teeth to householders in the region who want to do the right thing for the climate and help reduce their fuel bills at the same time. The government is effectively asking households to hand over their electricity to corporations for free, to generate extra profits on top of the millions they are making already.

“This is a shocking dereliction of duty towards both consumers and the climate and another example of the betrayal of the South West, a region which with the right political support has the potential to be a Western Powerhouse.”