Response to Theresa May confidence vote

Responding to the announcement that Theresa May has won a confidence vote, Molly, who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, said:

“This failed coup, an attempt to ditch Theresa May, looks like the final desperate throw of the dice of the Brextremists. This is really a vote of no confidence in a failed project, based on lies and won by cheating, which is now in its death throes.

“We now need a fair vote on the facts and the reality of Brexit and that means a People’s Vote with a choice between the prime minister’s deal or remaining in the EU. That is the easiest, fastest and fairest way out of this shambles. And for that to happen we desperately need Jeremy Corbyn to give up on his fantasy of renegotiating a different deal and to stop staling over a vote of confidence in the government. This is simply cover for his reluctance to embrace a People’s Vote. It’s time to do the democratic thing and give control back to the people.”