Strasbourg attack: statement in response from Molly Scott Cato MEP

Responding to last night’s attack in Strasbourg, in which three people were killed and 12 others injured, Molly, who was close to the attack when it happened, said:

“Following the shocking attack in Strasbourg last night I would like to offer my sympathy to the families of those who were killed and the many people who were injured and to send solidarity to everybody in the city who feels shaken and brutalised this morning.

“Strasbourg is at the centre of the European peace project and also the heart of human rights in our continent since it houses both the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights. As Greens we therefore restate our total commitment to both these idealistic and hopeful projects this morning.

“Strasbourg is also a beautiful historic city which is a truly magical place to be at Christmas time. The spirit of peace, solidarity and goodwill of our continent is stronger than the hate of a few people who seek to threaten our social cohesion.

“My own staff and my parliamentary colleagues are all safe and well and intend to continue with our legislative work this morning.”