Green MEP backs calls to end immigration detention

Molly has added her voice to those calling for an end to immigration detention in the UK. She has also thrown her support behind a motion being put to Bristol City Council which urges councillors to endorse the ‘These Walls Must Fall’ Campaign, lobby the UK government, and work with local MPs and other councils to push for changes in immigration law and alternatives to detention.  

Molly said:

“Thousands of people are locked up in prison-like conditions every year simply because they don’t have access to the correct immigration papers. Most of these people are eventually released but may be emotionally scarred from their traumatic experiences of detention. It’s also a massive waste of money, costing tax payers £125 million a year.

“Immigration detention is a wholly unnecessary, unjustifiable practice and one of the most shameful aspects of the UK’s “hostile environment” for migrants. I am therefore delighted that a Green councillor, from a city of sanctuary, is bringing a motion to Bristol City Council to back an end to this shameful abuse of civil rights.”

Bristol, is just one of many cities and towns across the UK demanding an end to immigration detention. Bristol councillors will debate the Green motion to support the ‘These Walls Must Fall’ campaign on 11th December. Greens are urging people to email their local councillor to ask them to support the motion and to sign a petition.