Climate emergency a golden opportunity for South West to become a beacon to the world, says Green MEP

Molly has said the South West region can become a beacon to the world on how to tackle climate change as well as showcasing the economic gains to be had from doing so. The region’s MEP has made the claim as negotiators from around the globe meet in Poland to discuss action on climate change and how to implement the 2015 Paris Agreement which aims to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Molly again repeated her call for the region to become a ‘Western Powerhouse’ in generating renewable energy, pointing to the fact that the region could produce more than 100% of its energy needs and export the surplus, creating over one hundred thousand new jobs in the process. She has also pointed to the pioneering move by Bristol City Council, where councillors unanimously backed a Green Party motion declaring a climate emergency and calling on the Council to ensure Bristol is carbon neutral by 2030. A similar motion will this week be put to councillors in Devon by Green councillor Jacqi Hodgson.

Molly said:

“The COP climate negotiations in Poland come at a critical time. The latest reports from scientists make clear we now face a climate emergency and must act fast to prevent climate breakdown. I’m deeply encouraged at how Green councillors in the South West are taking the lead on getting their local councils to recognise this emergency and commit to taking action to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. Where Bristol led, others are looking to follow.

“The good news is that not only will tackling climate change safeguard the planet for future generations, it can also create tens of thousands of new jobs. The South West has the resources and the skills to become a beacon to the world on how we can exploit the amazing variety of renewable energy options available to us. Delivering a Western Powerhouse will boost our regional economy as well as improve our health and wellbeing. We can, and we must, turn an emergency into a golden opportunity.”