Green MEP responds to EU climate strategy

Responding to the launch today of the European Commission’s Climate Strategy which seeks to create a climate neutral economy by 2050, Molly said:

“Aiming for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is to be welcomed. Especially as it goes hand-in-hand with an ambitious sustainable finance agenda that includes companies reporting much more clearly on their environmental performance and aims to fund the measures and sectors that will help the transition to a low-carbon economy while blocking funding to those that are stuck in the fossil era. The strategy makes clear that such a transition is not only technologically feasible, but will also be good for jobs, health and quality of life.

“However, the recent IPCC report warns we face a climate emergency and that if we are to achieve a 1.5°C target and prevent climate breakdown we need to transform our economies much quicker. We cannot wait until 2030 to act, as the Commission seems to propose. We need to reduce GHG emissions by 55-65% by then. This will require much firmer action on transport emissions, which are now the EU’s biggest climate problem, and bolder changes in agriculture to ensure soils absorb carbon.

“Not only is the UK lagging disappointingly behind the EU targets, with its current commitment to reduce GHG emissions by only 80% by 2050, it is not even on course to meet these targets. Given the onslaught we have seen from the Tories on the cheapest forms of renewables, namely on-shore wind and solar, and the fact Brexit was driven by climate sceptics, we can abandon any idea that the UK will be any more ambitious if we leave the EU.”