‘Fishcake and eat’ it promises to fishing communities evaporate in political declaration

Molly has said the political declaration on the future relationship between the UK and EU has broken promises made to fishing communities. The declaration commits the UK to “establish a new fisheries agreement on, inter allia, access to waters and quota shares.” However, Brexiters have always promised the UK would take back control of UK waters once the country left the EU. 

Responding, Molly, who represents several fishing communities in the South West, said:

“The ‘we can have our fishcake and eat it’ promise is exposed as the fantasy it always was. I have long warned that fisheries would be considered small fry in trade negotiations. The government is trading away sovereignty against access to market. But it has always been clear that access to market for our fisheries is more important than the false rhetoric of taking back control of our waters.

“Fisheries joins the long list of sectors that will fail to fare better outside the EU. Indeed, they are set to fare far worse if the UK leaves the single market and customs union. It is time to offer fishing communities a People Vote so they can decide whether it is still in their best interests to leave the EU.”