New flights from London to Cornwall fly in the face of threats posed by climate change

Commenting on today’s announcement by the Department of Transport that four new daily return flights between Newquay and Heathrow are set to begin next April, Molly, who is MEP for the region, responded:

“This decision flies in the face of the threats posed by climate change. Short haul flights are particularly damaging to the environment and are responsible for disproportionally high carbon emissions. Yet the government is actively encouraging flying within the UK through its £15 discount on airport charges and boasting that it is now cheaper to fly within the UK than ever before.

How ironic if this is the government’s answer to the rail track problems experienced regularly at Dawlish, since the issues of rising sea levels and storm surges are attributable to climate change. The priority for long-suffering travellers in the South West is to upgrade our railways, not promote and expand flying, the most damaging form of transport. But the government has consistently failed to invest in the region’s railways; the South West receives a tiny fraction of the funding received by London and the South East.”