Withdrawal Agreement: Cake swapped for a dogs dinner

Responding to the draft Withdrawal Agreement negotiated between the EU and the UK, Molly, who is the Green Party Brexit speaker, said:

“Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement has seen the cake and eat it fantasy replaced by a dog’s breakfast. Rightly, the EU have stuck fast to defending the single market – a cornerstone of the union – and the prime minister has been forced to cave in, meaning we will be bound by rules we no longer have political influence over.

“To protect manufacturing and farming the agreement proposes a customs territory, which will apply indefinitely, but it fails to offer us the full economic benefits we currently enjoy as EU members in the single market and customs union.

“We now know what the reality of Brexit looks like. And it looks like the exact opposite of promises made during the referendum campaign. To go ahead with this deal without checking if it is acceptable to people across the UK would be a democratic travesty.

“MPs must now work together across the political divide and further build momentum for a People’s Vote – a chance to vote for the deal on offer or to maintain our current arrangements as a member of the EU. In particular, people will look to Labour to actually do the job of opposition and defend democracy by agreeing this decision needs to be handed back to the people.  

“People voted neither for no deal or a dodgy deal. It’s time for the real deal – a vote on the reality of Brexit compared with remaining in the EU. It’s time for a People’s Vote.”